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HUNTING & CONSERVATION:  We specialize in Aboriginal Arnhem Land safaris on Northern Land Council NLC licensed concessions where aboriginal landowners manage their land & resources.  Recreational & safari hunting in all countries is long term conservation.  Sustainable utilization of 'wild' Water Buffalo is a fantastic valuable & renewable resource of food, exports & incomes, for the aboriginal landowners & families.  Hunters are responsible citizens who enjoy wildlife & the outdoors, they abide by hunting laws & codes of ethics.  They definitely must not be mistaken for animal poachers who operate illegally, with no respect for conservation and laws.  


Welcome Explorers

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AUSTRALIAN BUFFALO HUNTERS - Welcome to the outback, and Australia's best buffalo hunting.  My life, my work, my passion - is full time planning the best safaris, and guiding on dangerous game, big rifles, old style safaris, exploring, and Australia wide adventures.  I have guided on buffalo hunting safaris in tropical Arnhem Land for 28 years, an active hunting guide, booking agent and consultant for international safari hunters and landowner companies.  We also have available a professional hunter team with excellent experience, all are licensed correctly and thrive on wilderness hunting, seeing the biggest wild Buffalo, delivering on tough, hot and demanding adventures.  Pictured below is Philip Massaro (hunt author) and Graham (ph) with a great Buffalo taken up close using Heym double rifles.  Honesty and professionalism has resulted in us being one of Australia's longest term hunting outfitters, with old fashion ethics and morals.  No helicopters, No quads.  An adventure with us is not your typical Buffalo hunt, it is like comparing Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique and Tanzania... where every Cape Buffalo hunt and every region is very different.  Our product is also unique in the world.  We specialize in planning exciting and close up Buffalo adventures for 1 and maybe 2 Buffalo... and we can also deliver on the biggest Dangerous Game adventure you can imagine.  You will explore plenty of vast wilderness, see huge Water Buffalo and experience old style safaris with bolt rifle, double rifle, handgun or bow for a true classic adventure.!! 

Now is the time to book.  Join us soon.  We do it right.


Graham Williams, Professional Hunter, Consultant

Owner Ranchman Investments Pty Ltd

T/A Australian Buffalo Hunters (NT)

T/A Outback Expeditions (WA), (site updated May/2024).

Back On Tracks


  Arnhem Land Wilderness


ABORIGINAL OWNED ARNHEM LAND  has thousands of wild water buffalo being a valuable renewable income for the land owners.  Finding them can be hard work, its not a walk in the park.  Arnhem Land is like another country within the tropical Northern Territory, it is situated well east of the city of Darwin and massive Kakadu National Park.  Arnhem Land consists of almost 100,000 sq km of wilderness and bush country (36,000 sq miles).. the size of Hungary or Portugal.!  Arnhem Land has a few small towns around the coast, but 99% is bush, no farms, no fences, no sealed roads.  A place where time stands still.  We operate in NLC s19 licensed concessions in Arnhem Land, ensure correct Company and Guide licenses, and safari clients carry their NLC Access permit for safari hunting, and International Visitors Firearms License.  We do it right, and have earned respect as a trusted hunting consultant and safari operator.  Last year we paid over a $100,000 in royalty fees, distributed by the NLC to the correct landowners.  Your ultimate experience will take you on a rare journey into this outback wilderness, of flood plains, wild bush, escarpments, scenic rivers, streams and springs.  Arnhem Land is one of the worlds last frontiers, where some aboriginal people live off the land in small communities, hunting, fishing, local jobs and following traditional values.

Wilderness Safaris

BOOKING NOW 2024, 2025

Buffalo Safari - 2x1 from US$ 12,900ea

Banteng Hunt - 2x1 from US$ 16,500ea

Buffalo Tracker -  1x1 US$ 28,800ea

Outback Extreme - US$ 92,000

Arnhem Land charter flights extra cost

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Tented Camps


TENTED SAFARI CAMPS   Moveable camps are located near excellent numbers of Buffalo.  Our passion is the older traditional ways, so real hunters will enjoy classic safari camps, green canvas tents, wood tables, green canvas and wood safari chairs, lanterns, and a step back in time.

Arriving back to camp, safety first, ensure all unloaded rifles are stored.  Then relax as the snacks and cold drinks appear... the first may not even touch the sides.  Off with the Courtney safari boots, and time for a breather.  The assistant already has the shower water heating up.  The dust, sweat and dirt is washed off after the sun has gone.  A new person with rejuvenated muscles will appear, and a good meal of specially charred steak and crisp vegetables, complimented with a South Australian cabernet sauvignon or merlot. (liquor license is required).  Our night sky is amazing, as the Southern Cross appears amongst hundreds of bright stars. 

Hunters discuss the excitement of the day, new hunt plans, fine rifles, calibers, and hunting all over the world.  Our recreation takes us to many beautiful places, great memories, and hunters support conservation and the local economy wherever we go.  Most people will never understand.  That's why adventurers and hunters meet at conventions to chat and make plans.  Australian Buffalo Hunters with get your safari plans in motion, for real hunting and genuine wilderness. 


Vast Concessions


HUNTING CONCESSIONS   The Arnhem Land concession are big, minimal tracks, many 100s of Water Buffalo, and plenty of exploring.  A variation of fantastic wilderness, outback country, escarpments, good creeks, rivers, streams and springs for our tropical safari camps, and for the 4x4s to explore.  You will see small and larger herds of Water Buffalo, lone old Bulls and small groups of Buffalo bulls, some Scrub Bull (wild ox, toro), and occasional Wild Boar.  With luck you may also see Dingo, Kangaroos, Wallabies, Emus, Fresh Water Crocodiles.  It is not easy hunting, as this country is vast and rugged, and we have to find the Buffalo.  We do not have a network of tracks, no dams, no troughs and no hides, this is wilderness.  Explore by rugged 4x4, then hunt on foot with your classic double or bolt rifle at hand.  The Banteng safaris are in north west Arnhem Land, the NLC licensed WS concession is productive walk and stalk hunting, from a classic tented camp.  It is a much smaller concession, but has good numbers of wild Banteng, these are a beautiful species, and also dangerous game.  As mentioned, these safari areas are NLC s19 licensed land use areas, and NLC access permits are required.  Refer to the FAQ for more information.


Dangerous Game


DANGEROUS GAME    Our professional hunters and clients have stopped over 35 charges of Water Buffalo, Scrub bull and Banteng coming fast.  Asiatic water buffalo bulls weigh between 700kg and 900kg, and even up to 1000kg (2200lb).  Like most wild animals they can appear calm or run off, yet if wounded or cornered Water Buffalo can be just as tough and nasty as Cape Buffalo.  Yes a charge is very rare, it is often unexpected, and adrenaline can make a wounded bull seam unstoppable.  We've also had cows suddenly charge to protect their young, and have seen other bulls charge to protect a downed bull. expresshunt  Every year or two we hear of someone injured or smashed by a Water Buffalo.  Hunters should always be backed up by a large caliber rifle in hand, using premium ammunition, and someone skilled at stopping a CLOSE up charge in an instant.!!  Please enjoy our website and information. 


Covid years have been tough.  Outfitters around the world have tried to keep their concessions and safari companies running properly.  Thank you for your support..!!  Australian Buffalo Hunters were back on tracks in 2022 and 2023.  We have received more questions about buffalo and banteng, hunting laws and licensed concessions, resulting in more bookings than ever before.  We have been planning safaris and guiding clients for 28 years, old style safari, full-time, honest and ethical.  We welcome back many repeat customers.  Our guiding team will deliver in 2024 and well into the future, with exciting adventures, and getting you up close on many huge water buffalo.  Pull on the safari boots, grab the ammo belt, daypack and binos.  Load up the 375 H&H, 416 Rigby or 470 Double and let's get Buffalo hunting in genuine wilderness.

See you in 2024 or 2025.


Graham Williams

Australian Buffalo Hunters

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We work hard to plan your clients safaris in Australia.  We are now taking bookings for 2025.  We also make it possible to arrange hunts at short notice.

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