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Bow Hunting

CLOSE UP HUNTING   The Arnhem Land bush and terrain generally has very good cover.  When Bow Hunting we often hunt the denser bush or creek areas.  In the heat of the day Buffalo and Banteng also rest up in such heavy cover.  So we must hunt slower, taking our time.  To draw a heavy bow on dangerous game takes some courage.  But when you're right amongst it, the fear is gone.  Its just concentration, stalking, silent steps, waiting, draw unseen, hold on the spot, and release.  The flight is good and the animal jumps and takes off.  Keep still... our job is to be close, and rifle loaded if needed.  Only release that arrow if it is perfect.  Banteng and Buffalo have a big target area for the bow, but 25m to 35m is needed to get full broad head penetration.  At 75 yards, the hunt has just begun!!


Check The Wind

BOW HUNTING   My first ever client was a Master bow hunter, PH and extreme wealth of knowledge.  Dr Adrian De Villiers taught me many skills, that I will apply on every single hunt.  Now one of my passions is also bow-hunting.  Water Buffalo have excellent smell, eyesight, and hearing.  Bow hunters will appreciate our experience and the variation of terrain.  Medium to light color camo works well in the Australian bush, and a light weight Leafy mesh jacket is highly recommended (not the pants, they fill with prickles).  Remember this is a thick skinned dangerous game animal, thicker skin than a Cape Buffalo, but not as thick as a Hippo skin.  So please come with a minimum of +70 to 80 lb bow and heavy +850-1000 grain arrows with strong 2 blade broad-heads.  A water buffalo rib can be 12mm or 1/2" at its thickest point, the ribs do not overlap.  You will never forget being close up on a large Buffalo bull, the amazing stalk, the tension and excitement, your heart pounding in your throat, then control as you draw, steady, release.... and watch the flight!!



Handgun Hunting

DEDICATED HANDGUN HUNTERS   We have 44 Mag Ruger revolvers and 454 Casull Freed Arms revolvers available for our correctly licensed International hunters only.  Every year we have enquiries and bookings from dedicated handgun hunters.  They hunt at home or aboard; for example European and American big game, and Africa safaris on dangerous game and big game.  Plus many hunters enjoy the opportunity to hunt their second buffalo with the preferred 454 Casull revolver.  The Freedom Arms is known as the Premier manufacturer of big game hunting revolvers, for their incredible rugged and vault like action operation, and top accuracy.  The Arnhem Land bush and terrain generally has very good cover, so we use the skills of the guide and hunter to get closer for the effective shot into the vitals at closer range. Our 28 years of experience will get you close up, and using the best gear available. 

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