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May 2024      Loading Up... Ready For Buffalo Hunting 2024

After a very successful time at DSC and SCI we have another fully booked and exciting hunt season ahead.  Get you NTP FA Licence sorted, Plane Tickets booked.. and lets get dangerous game hunting.  We are setting up camps, the safari vehicles are being sorted, permits started and in place.  We do it right.  The team are ready to roll.


Well here it is, convention time again.  After 24 years of doing such shows, it is always fantastic to catch up with the many dedicated and passionate people who are like minded Safari operators from all over the World.  Quality operators become great friends, and then a network starts, and we basically become a huge family of hunters with the same ethical standards for quality safaris, and an addiction to wild adventures.

New hunters get to chat and talk, with their hunting buddies or outfitters they have had unbelievable and exciting experiences with in the past.  Plans will be made to travel to that next continent.. wow imagine, a certain species of Bovine, or Antelope, or Deer, or Ram... that becomes a journey to a far away country that you would perhaps never have thought of visiting 20 years ago.  It's amazing.!!

Come and talk with Graham, Tom and Chris... experts in Australia's Best Dangerous Game adventures in the total Wilderness of Arnhem Land.

Plus next to our Booth is Chris McCarthy of Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris in New Zealand, a Kiwi who is also passionate about wild hunting, quality trophies and quality experiences in the stunningly beautiful mountains and ranges of New Zealand's South Island.  See you soon... 

Campfire News


This is the time many outfitters must get sorted for the Shows and Conventions.  Flights booked to USA and EU, Accommodations, Communicating with new clients, old clients and other global booking agents... so we are ready for the shows.  Yes, time goes fast..!!

Sept 2023     GREAT 2023 SEASON REPORT: 

The first hunters arrived end of May 2023 and flew in on the charter plane, then into camp. We had plenty of green grasses and the Buffalo were in great condition the whole dry season.  Larry and Tim hunted with Shaun and got close up for some excellent Buffalo, Scrub bull and Wild hog hunting. Another excellent stalk, and one arrow for an excellent Water Buffalo is extremely rewarding for Tim... and the crew.  The camp looked good, and many nice evenings of enjoying meals and drinks with Darby and Tamara, and stories around the campfire. Darby had plenty of excitement with his first Buffalo, we did a careful approach into a thick treed and brushed river bed, then found ourselves with Buffalo 3 sides all of a sudden... I was staking out one for a better look, when Wato and Darby focussed on another... it was bigger so the action started, some hurried shots before the Buffalo escaped, and running, some last shots and the Buffalo went down. We explored plenty of country, bumped some medium Bulls, and then spotted a lone heavy old Buffalo,,, that I knew would look damn bigger up close.. Locking in on some landmarks and trees, we changed our approach to be better with the wind factor... then moved in. The Buffalo should be infront of us, but I couldnt find it... this is when risking moving forward feels like it might all turn pear shaped and the animal run off... But luckily it was just low out of sight and Darbys 375H&H hammered the Buffalo to finally stay down and out. Next hunter was Deron who had a massive safari, exploring further afield, and taking excellent Buffalo and Banteng, and stopping 2 charges. Often these Buffalo or Banteng want to fight back, and only precise shooting will stop a big animal coming fast. Next hunter was from Spain and hunted Banteng first, in the heavy bush we saw a few animals and knew what we were after... Day 2 we came across a group of Bulls resting, and with many eyes about, we did a slow and careful stalk, which closed the gap. Then a perfect 375H&H shot at 75m and another to be sure. A lovely mature Banteng bull, with an aged face, lovely horns and the typical boss of a mature animal. I got the vehicle closer, and we caped out yet another stunning black skin, with white features, and into the salt that afternoon.  Then we had a Rigby group, and this hunt saw a fine crew with fine Rigby rifles. Including a special engraved 416 Big Game, a 416 Rigby London Best, a 450 Rigby Australian Limited Edition, a 416 Big Game Vintage SSB, and a stunning old prewar 416 Rigby Magnum with the best engraving of its time, a rare rifle indeed. We experienced some fast shooting, long tracking, close encounters, and an ambush. Yes, these Buffalo take a pounding, and twice old Buffalo turned and came for us, to be stopped with fast shooting, the perfect cartridge and better shot placement.

Next week the classic prewar 416 Rigby was tested again, when father and son from Oklahoma, had some exciting Buffalo hunting with the 416s and 404 Jeffery. However, 1 big Buffalo stayed his distance, then turned and ran, a massive follow up was required, and some heart thumping action in heavy bush... finally resulted with my last bullet taking the brain at point black range. Next time replenish the "extra" ammo. Lesson make sure the first shot is perfect.. and get a follow up shot in fast.. This could have gotten real nasty. Some Danish hunters were guided by Ian, and some great shooting secured their Buffalos and Scrub bull. Many nice meals of tender steaks, crisp vegetables and cool drinks, with campfire hunting stories from USA, Europe and Africa.  Jerry also had time for a Banteng hunt, and got to see a few, before we spotted a big one, moving our way.. the 416 shot straight... securing a lovely old Banteng, some scars from fighting, and the thing that caught our eyes, was the heavy wide and thick horns, coupled by a tough looking boss.

TBC... More 2023 safari stories to come:

AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT Coronavirus Travel Information 2023

May 2023   Back On Tracks:  With the safari camps set up, and international clients arriving, we are back where we should be...  Buffalo hunting and Banteng hunting in Australia's remotest concessions.  See you soon.  Safe hunting and travels, Graham Williams PH.


Feb 2023   SCI Convention, Nashville:    What a come back, SCI made a huge effort and numbers were up again.  Thanks to all who made it a fantastic convention.  We sold many hunts and did better than expected.  It was great to see many old hunting friends. Our 2023 and 2024 seasons are well booked, and even 2025 has some bookings.  Luckily, we have a great team of guides plenty of Buffalo and two camps.  Thanks SCI and Nashville.


16 Jan 2023    DSC Convention Success:   What a great Dallas Safari Club convention, thank you DSC100 members for all your wonderful efforts.  Fantastic to walk around and see exciting hunting adventures, awesome taxidermy and a huge selection of quality and stunning firearms.  Truly fantastic to see all our outfitter and hunting friends from around the globe, after 2 1/4 years of Covid 19 dramas for our hunting.  During mid 2022 it was busy for me guiding the whole season, and 2023 is back to being very busy for the ABH guiding team.  Excellent bookings at Dallas and many adventures to plan in 2023, 2024 and 2025.  


25 Dec 2022    Christmas Wishes:   Sending all our hunting friends best wishes for a Great Christmas, and a Wonderful New Year in 2023.  See you soon at the shows.


01 Nov 2022    Dallas Safari Club & Safari Club International Conventions:   See you soon at Dallas and SCI, our 2023 season has plenty of pre- booked hunters catching up on lost time, and new bookings as well.  We will have 2 Buffalo camps and a Banteng camp operating.  A team of guides ready to get you close up on excellent Water Buffalo bulls... So now locking in hunt dates during January and February convention months. 


03 Sept 2022    Excellent Season:   Back on tracks.. Wow what a great 2022 Safari season, guiding on a few excellent Banteng Hunts, some Expeditions and the exciting Buffalo Safaris.  Some International hunters got sorted in April and May and then arrived to enjoy Australia again.  Warning - travelling anywhere in the world at the moment can result in lost or delayed luggage, as new USA and EU baggage handling staff get trained and systems sorted.  So be sure to wear your hunt clothes and hunt shoes on the plane from home... pack extra hunt clothes and your binoculars in your carry on luggage (day pack), and worst case you will still be hunting with a change of clothes and our rifles.  Also; as advised, before your hunt, please have 2 nights in Darwin booked well in advance, for gear to catch up, get over jet lag, and to relax.  Pics and hunt reports via our newsletter mail out... get on board.  Now making preps for the 2023 Conventions and taking bookings now.


07 March 2022    Load Up:   Looking forward to a great 2022 hunting season, plenty of pre-booked hunters are getting sorted, practicing and packing for some exciting Buffalo hunting down under.  Plenty of lush grasses and green wetlands at the moment.  The wet season rains are slowing down, and the Buffalo are spread out.  We are ready for many hunters in 2022, and taking bookings for 2023.  If you have been restricted by Covid for a year or two, its time to catch up on some travels and adventures, give us a call or email, and lets get you Buffalo hunting.


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